Visit the most charming, picturesque towns of Mercer County!
pk彩票Blue Point Grill
Delight your palate in local surroundings.
pk彩票Test Image 2, Princeton Battlefield
Embrace the history throughout the Region.
pk彩票Princeton University
Discover extraordinary landmarks.
pk彩票Cultural Festival
Indulge into a variety of events.
pk彩票Mercer Oaks
Explore beautiful landscapes across the Region.

pk彩票Visit Princeton-Mercer | Convention and Visitors Bureau

America's best minds have been visiting and meeting in Princeton, New Jersey for more than 200 years, from the first sessions of the Continental Congress to today's conventions, events, shopping, family activities, and corporate outings. The Princeton-Mercer Region is an idyllic area filled with abundant amenities and is located within an hour of two major metropolitan areas -- New York and Philadelphia.

Princeton Mercer in Action

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